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  1. Bettina and Otto S. (Allemagne) says:

    We bought our house in Ascain a year ago and for the first months we tried to manage everything from Germany by ourselves which was difficult because we don`t speak french and we only stay a few weeks .
    A friend of ours recommended Pascale to us and since then she has taken care of our house. She recommends the craftmen and controls the work of the artisans , looks after the mail and makes sure that everything is in good condition after a storm.
    Pascale speaks english perfectly and is very reliable. She works very fast and responds to our requests on the spot.
    For us it is a very good feeling to leave the house , because we know that Pascale is taking over the responsibility. We can enjoy our vacation much more and don`t have to worry about anything when we leave to Germany.
    We can highly recommend her work.

  2. Caspar V.Z. (Allemagne) says:

    As Pascale’s first client since 2007 we can only warmly recommend her services in every respect! She is 100% reliable and takes perfect care of our house as if it is her own. She speaks a perfect English that allows us to communicate with her and through her with authorities and others. She always recommends excellent workers for the house that offer very good quality for fair prices.
    She is 100% trustworthy and gives her service in the very best interest for her clients. What comes with the package is that she is very intelligent and understands our needs.

  3. François et Isabelle VDB (Belgique) says:

    Owning a second home with often priority maintenance and surveillance obligations.
    Enjoying your home a few weeks a year without having to worry about it all year round.
    Reconcile the irreconcilable when it is more than 1000Kms;
    We live in Belgium and acquired our house in the Basque country in 2008.
    Pascale Bidegorry, Manager of Côte Basque Infoservices, was recommended to us by German friends who also have a house in the region.
    It is undoubtedly through her experience in the hotel sector that Pascale has been able to develop a real sense of “responsible” service for her customers.
    Meeting expectations, or as Pascale does, anticipating them, allows owners to occupy a property for a few weeks a year while being assured of regular monitoring throughout the year.
    Whether after work, after a storm, before and after your visit, etc., Pascale visits your property and sends you a short report by Email.
    Need a medical service, a craftsman, household help, childcare, etc., Pascale always has a solution.
    Cultural events, good restaurants, visits to the region etc …, Pascale keeps you informed
    Rigorous and professional 5-star service, on more than reasonable terms!
    Highly recommended !

  4. The Edwards family says:

    I would highly recommend Pascale and CoteBasque-info services who have wonderfully supported us since 2008 firstly to find and buy our house and setting up all the services, insurance etc. Since then it has made such a difference and peace of mind for Pascale to check on the house, the post, manage gardeners, builders etc while we are away. Even arranging for nursing care for a visitor.
    Pascale’s service is outstanding – personal and personally tailored, reliable, efficient, flexible and so friendly.

  5. Janet C. (Angleterre) says:

    I do not know what I would have done without Pascale. She has helped me many times, and has always been very efficient and completely reliable.

  6. Fiona H. (Angleterre) says:

    I am an English and own a holiday home in the Pays Basque. Pascale has provided expert professional help in dealing with local government agencies and utilities. She is pleasant, knowledgeable and punctual and speaks perfect English. She inspired trust immediately and I particularly appreciated her willingness to respond in minor emergencies. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone buying a property in the area.

  7. Sylvie et Stéphane L (France) says:

    For us, using the Basque Coast Info Service is a guarantee of peace of mind. We appreciate your availability, the reliability of the announced deadlines, the quality of the services provided. When we are also dealing with a person whose contact and well-defined Basque character we particularly appreciate, we do not question for a single moment the fact of going through you.

  8. Chris and Maria W (Royaume Uni) says:

    I have known and respected Pascale for several years. On innumerable occasions she has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that any matters that need addressing are done so in a professional, timely, enthusiastic and transparent manner. I have recommended her widely and have absolutely no hesitation in endorsing her business manner and ethics wholeheartedly.

  9. Myriam et Agustin E. (Espagne) says:

    One of our best contacts in the Basque Country was to meet Pascale thanks to a Spanish friend. Really living in Spain and having a second home far away, becomes a real pleasure with such a responsible person. Serious, efficient, professional and absolutely multi-service, she always has a solution for all problems. It is of enormous peace for us the responsibility and the interest which she carries for us and our house.
    ¡¡Only good words, absolutely recommended !!

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